Effel Arabic Dictionary - Font selection

Font issues

One of the advantages of this dictionary is that it shows the diacritics (vowels, etc) of each word. However, these symbols are not always rendered correctly, depending on the operating system, the browser, and the fonts you have installed.

Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

I'm sorry to say that Internet Explorer is currently a better choice for viewing voweled arabic texts than Firefox. Firefox unfortunately has problems rendering the diacritics (vowels etc.) correctly.

Choose your font

Using the dropdown menu below, you can select a font and see how well the example text is rendered. Be aware that you must have the fonts installed on your system to be able to succesfully use them here! The green image on the right shows the correct positioning of the diacritics (vowel symbols). I strongly recommend that you use the excellent font 'Scheherazade', which you can download for free here.